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It’s not just an event, it’s an event for your brand to leave a lasting impression. Expose your event by creating your brand page, keeping you in the frame of their mind and bringing them back to you.

Be recognised for your perks, events, experiences and build your brand loyalty.

We help you in creating memorable moments for your customers

They're yours and yours only Switch to Go Lyv today!

Flawlessly migrate your existing customers by importing a .CSV file, supplied to you from your previous ticketing platform and start growing your customers today.

Event Analytics

As customers update their information, your data is also updated in real-time for past, present and future events.

Analyics allow you to leverage deep insights to measure, tweak and refine your events.

The magic of sound technology at your fingertips!

Our ultra-contactless technology enables the safest customer experiences.

Contactless Admission

Create the smoothest customer entry imaginable. Push proof of presence to the next level. Seamlessly verify tickets in proximity through ultrasound.

In a Covid-19 environment it’s important to make your customers feel safe.

With Go Lyv you can verify your users and still comply with social distancing. No need for close contact, just instant and reliable verification.

Think NFC or QR Code, but better, way better.

Cross Platform
Minimal Battery
Universal Device

Quick, secure and hassle free payments

Secured faster payments for your events, which are paid out within 7 days after your event.

Event Calculator

Uploading your events on the Go Lyv platform is completely free. A 10% booking fee is applied directly to the attendees of your event when booking. Leaving you with 100% revenue profit.

You can use our event calculator below to calculate your event earnings.
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Share your events, create unforgettable experiences and start increasing your revenue today!

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