Nov 11, 2021,
6 Mins
The Astroworld Tragedy

We break down what happened on 5 November 2021, along with the aftermath

A tragedy occurred on 5 November 2021 at the Astroworld festival which has left nine people dead.

Along with these unfortunate deaths comes the injuries of hundreds who were in attendance. 

 We break down what we know so far about this incident.

What is the Astroworld Festival?

The Astroworld Festival is an annual music festival. It is run by eminent American rapper Travis Scott. 

The festival name is a homage to his third studio album, which was released in 2018 and is the same year the festival began.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 festival had been cancelled.

Who is Travis Scott?

Travis Scott, born Jacques Webster, is an American rapper that derives from Houston, Texas.

He is currently one of the world’s most prominent rappers.

An Astroworld Statue (Image Credit: Kenset).

Scott is also known for being in a relationship with media personality, Kylie Jenner.

His international fame elevated after the release of his critically acclaimed 2018 album Astroworld.

One of the single’s from the album, SICKO MODE, features Drake and currently has close to 1 billion views on YouTube.

What happened at Astroworld 2021?

Astroworld 2021 took place in Houston, Texas on 5 November 2021.

According to other reports, at approximately 9:15 pm, the crowd began to quickly compress towards the front of the stage.

Due to this, people began to panic which led to the injuries. 

The festival resulted in nine deaths. (Image Credit: Mat Napo).

As of 11 November 2021, there are 9 confirmed deaths and 25 people in attendance hospitalised. 

What has happened since?

Since the incident, Scott has faced mass scrutiny, being accused of not doing more to help the victims.

The second night of the show on 6 November had been cancelled.

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Scott, with the number being “likely to grow” according to state legal experts.

Featured Image Credit: Joel Muniz

Written by Dominic Magli