Oct 08, 2021,
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Life after the decks: Annie Mac’s new life changes

BBC Radio 1 legend and icon, Annie Mac, left the station just over two months ago. The Friday night DJ made new lifestyle changes for herself and her family after seventeen years in her music career. 


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Unknotting with changes

In her latest article and podcast, the music guru reveals how she hasn’t quite adapted to her new lifestyle. She is gradually dissolving a ‘knot’ that developed within her. She explains how this has held her back from feeling any kind of stillness.

In her article, ‘Wanting’, she explains, “I have learnt that I have had a knot in my stomach for the last six years and I didn’t know it was there until it wasn’t. The full article is accessible on anniemacmanus.com.

The radio superstar goes on to explain the guilt that comes with being a part of the busy industry. Not being able to attend every event or club around the world made her feel as if she wasn’t working hard enough.

Topped with the pressure of preparing radio shows and interviews, she explains how balancing both a hard-hitting career and a young family seemed almost impossible.  



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“What do I want?”

In her recent podcast episode on her show ‘Changes with Annie Macmanus’, her guest Jimmy Carr explains how he asked himself the life-changing question, “what do I want?”.

When he was 25 he became unsatisfied with his life in the marketing industry. As a result, he decided to drop everything for comedy in the hopes to make it big.  

Now, Mac references hard, life-changing decisions to “doing a Jimmy.

The idea of putting yourself and those around you first to benefit your mental and physical well-being is something she promotes in her podcasts and specifically her recent article. She notes it is important even if the process is hard to adapt to at first.


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Allow space for change

We all need space to breathe and for those in the music and events industry, it can sometimes seem impossible to even grab an inch.  

Annies journey is an inspiration to mothers, fathers, career-driven people and to those who need an all-around well-deserved break. It is a journey of changes we can all follow together and learn from, and it has only just begun.  


Words by Drew-Alexandra O’Keeffe 

Feature image sourced via Stylist.co.uk