Nov 16, 2021,
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Duck Sauce ‘mesmerizes’ at the UK Music Video Awards

This year’s UK Music Video Award’s ‘Video of the Year’ was awarded to DJ duo Duck Sauce, and their track ‘Mesmerize’ featuring Armand Van Helden and A-Track.  

Duck Sauce are famous for their tracks such as ‘Barbara Streisand‘ and ‘aNYway’, the electronic duo has hit highs again with their 2020 release, ‘Mesmerize‘.



The hyper-reality video shows outdated game-like graphics of Duck Sauce in a club scene. They are wearing Armand Van Helden T-shirts under subtitles explaining what is happening in the fast-paced video.

Flickers of scenes with ‘Getty Images’ and ‘Shutter-Shock’ watermarks across them are frequently shown, creating a sense of how a smaller AI world can so easily be created by someone else.



What’s the concept?

The idea that the world and everyone in it is in a simulation becomes the main concept very soon into the video. This is actually true from the perspective of the characters, making the video somewhat trippy and fitting to the music.  

The Duck Sauce characters explain their theory through more subtitles. The track is played alongside animated famous figures such as Morgan Freeman and Vin Diesel.  

The Keith Schofield self-directed video then propels into an overly fast-paced frenzy of reasons how they (the animated characters) might be in a simulation. It is essentially an explanation of how the universe works according to Schofield. Of course, unless the video is paused, the ideas cannot be read with the screen changing to each beat of the playing track.



In true Duck Sauce style

The finale of the video shows what seems like endless entries into the animated people’s butts (yeah, I know) and back out again into another. The idea is unclear at first but is most likely linked to how we should be able to do what we want in this world because the idea of the universe itself is being questioned.

Who’s to say that kind of content isn’t acceptable for a Duck Sauce music video? It won an award, didn’t it? 


What the fans had to say

Underneath the music video, released on October 16 2020 on the official Duck Sauce YouTube channel, the double act commented: 

“We’ll let you sit with that one. Just let us know what you think.” 

Fan comments on the page consisted of Why hasn’t this got millions of views, it’s an exquisite piece of art” and “At first I thought you were hating on all the fun boomers had in the 90’s club scene, so I was triggered. Then you started putting weird references in, which confused me. Then the simulation theory drew me in, and next thing you know, you’ve got me laughing with the thing you did. I enjoyed the amount of fun this would have been to make.”  

Another fan said “This is the dopest, weirdest, craziest, scientifically-intriguing and funny music video I have ever seen! If I continue to write it may go well up to 100 pages. Maybe more. Ahh, just about to forget to mention the track. Addictive and smooth.”




Other winners at the UK Music Video Awards 2021 included:

Best Pop Video – 

Dua Lipa – Love Again / Director: Lope Serrano aka Canada

Best R&B / Soul Video – 

Celeste – Tonight Tonight / Director – Noah Lee

Best Dance / Electronic Video – 

Hot Chip, Jarvus Cocker – Straight to the Morning / Director – Réalité

Best Rock Video – 

Beabadoobee – Last Day on Earth / Director – Arnaud Bresson

Best Alternative Video – 

James Blake – Say What You Will / Director – Bear Damen

Best Hip-Hop / Grime / Rap Video

Pa Salieu ft Backroad Gee – My Family / Director – Femi Ladi


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Words by Drew-Alexandra O’Keeffe